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$150/day at Flash Recording

$200/day at another studio


$200/song, includes up to 2 revisions

Broke Musician Package:

$250/song, includes:

8 hours of studio time at Flash Recording, including engineering

A mixed version of the song, includes up to 2 revisions

Producer Package:

$1000/song, includes:

Studio time at Flash Recording as needed

Session musician services (if required)

Production, including instrumentation, arrangement

Engineering, including recording, editing, vocal tuning

Mixing, including up to 2 revisions per song

Attending the final mix session (optional)

Coordinating with the mastering engineer

**Rate can be altered to fit your needs**

Session Musican Services:

$100/song and instrument

I am an accomplished drummer, guitarist, and bassist. 

I can also do vocal harmonies.

I am able to accommodate almost any budget. 

Please get in touch and I will let you know what I can offer.