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Hi, my name is Andrew.  I am an audio engineer based in Vancouver, Canada.

I have worked on a lot of music projects over the years in various capacities.  I have been a producer, engineer, mix engineer, session musician, and songwriter.  I am very versatile in the studio, and easy to work with.  I have worked with Grammy nominees, Juno winners and nominees, and my work has gone Gold.  I have experience in multiple genres, including rock, folk, pop, hip-hop, reggae, funk, and more.

My philosophy when it comes to engineering and production is to keep it simple, and do what is best for the song.  I prefer to record one instrument at a time, rather than live off the floor.  I generally start with the drums, as it is the foundation of the song.  

When it comes to mixing, the kick and snare are what drives my mix, with the lead vocal being the focus of the listener's attention.  I like clean, balanced mixes, and I am not afraid to cut out redundant overdubs to achieve this sound.  I also add finishing touches to mixes where I see fit, such as percussion or synth pads.  

Currently, I work primarily out of Flash Recording in Vancouver, but am able to work out of any you would like.  I am available to work anywhere in the world.