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Hi, my name is Andrew.  I make records.  I'm passionate about making records, and I've been doing it for the past fifteen years.  I've worked with Juno nominees & winners, unsigned artists, internationally touring artists, and artists making their first record.  Since I started recording, I have worked with hundreds of artists.  

I truly believe that every artist should be able to access professional recording services, regardless of their budget.  I have recorded entire albums in just a day with very small budgets, and spent over a year making bigger budget records.  While the time I spend on smaller budget records is limited, I still strive to make the artist completely satisfied with the final product. 


Since 2017, I have owned and operated my own professional recording studio located in East Vancouver called Flash Recording. My studio features a 32 channel SSL Origin console, some great pieces of outboard gear, and plenty of vintage and modern microphones.  The spacious live room is great for recording drums, guitars, strings, brass, vocals, and anything else you can think of.


Just like my studio, I consider my approach to making records a hybrid of classic analog techniques and modern digital methods.  I enjoy working with all kinds of genres, from alternative pop to blues to punk rock to hip hop.


I am available to work as a producer, engineer, and/or mixing engineer.  Additionally, I am available as a session guitarist, drummer, and bassist, as well as a co-writer.  I typically include those services as part of my production work.  I prefer to work at my own studio.  I am open to working at other studios, but let's talk before you book somewhere else.    


My rates vary based on the project and what you are looking for.  I am generally able to make any budget work within reason.  Get in touch and let me make your record come to life.


- Andrew


P.S.  I am willing to work in pretty much any genre.  However, I will not work on any religious music, or music that promotes hate or bigotry of any kind.  



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